The Miracle Avo Whip that will Change Your Life

Avocado is possibly one of my all time favourite fruit. I have loved it even before the food gods declared its miracle powers. When I was a little girl visiting my home country in Indonesia, I would always order fresh avocado juice, everywhere we went. It is one of the most common and favourited beverage in the country. The juice would be served in a tall glass, chilled with ice and slightly sweetened with condensed milk. Sometimes they would add a swirl of chocolate to it. Either way, the anticipation of the yumminess that was being sucked up my straw never ceased to disappoint.

Nowadays, buying my own avocado can be a challenge. Choose one that is too soft will no doubt have bruises all over the flesh. One that is too hard will be forgotten before it goes soft. The rule to pick one with the end bit sticking out – doesn’t work.. Picking the perfect avo seems to be a fine art in itself!

You can’t undo an overripe avo, however with this recipe, you can “fix” an unripe one! Honestly, I was dubious at first as I cannot stand the smell and taste of cooked avos but… It worked! And tastes amazing!

The disappointment in discovering your avo is unripe upon cutting open is possibly worse than receiving a stale, half-chewed donut for your birthday. You could of course carve said avo into a pretty sculpture or use it as a weapon.. OR you could whip up this miracle.. 😇


For already cut avo, remove seed and microwave for 20-30 seconds, in 10 second increments.

Scoop the warm, softened avo into a processor (or mash it up with a fork) and process until smooth

Stir in a good amount of mayo or Greek yoghurt and a squeeze of lime..
And that’s it! The flavour is out of this world. Not kidding.

You can toss it through a salad or use as dip.. Tonight we’re having it with homemade chicken schnitzels.

The avo lives! 🤗